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Chu Feng departments visit New Hope Liuhe Xuancheng site for inspection, tour and condolences

At 10:00 a.m. on June 10, Wu Huixin, the general manager and Di Chaorong, the deputy general manager of Chu Feng Steel Plate Warehouse Company, led the company's marketing team, technical team, production team and other personnel to go deep into the front line in the heat and to visit the site of New Hope Liuhe Lang Xuancheng for inspection, visit and condolence.


Group photo of the team at Storage & Plenty I


As we enter the heat of summer, temperatures are rising across the region and there will be many days of hot weather in a row. The next is a critical period for the company to carry on for the whole year, whether it is for the operation target or for the delivery of customers will play a decisive role. In order to boost the morale of frontline staff, the company organised site visits, tours and condolences for all departments, sending coolness and care to the sweaty staff working on the frontline of production.


▲ New Hope Liuhe Langxi site photos


Comrade Xiaoping said: "Practice is the standard for testing the truth". During the visit, tour and condolence, colleagues were actively visiting and learning, and took the initiative to ask the front-line masters about every detail of the steel plate silo. They said that the visit and learning had gained a lot of on-site experience and knowledge that they could not normally come into contact with, and hoped that the company would organise more on-site learning activities in the future.


▲Technicians at Chu Feng: all with their own expressions


At the silo construction site, General Manager Wu Huixin and other leaders sent staff drinks and other anti-temperature supplies while communicating cordially with site staff and management personnel to understand the project construction situation and repeatedly exhorting everyone to continuously improve their awareness of self-protection.

At the same time, it was stressed that the production should be taken as the top priority, and the requirements of production and civilized construction should be seriously implemented, and the production protection measures should be put in place without carelessness. Especially in the current high temperature weather, the project site should be equipped with good heat protection supplies in a timely manner, effectively do a good job of heat protection, reasonable adjustment of work and rest time, avoid high temperature hours of operation, to avoid accidents caused by high temperature overload work, to ensure that the work of high temperature summer smooth progress.



▲ Group photo of the team on site visit


It not only sent the company's sympathy and care for the physical and mental health of the staff, but also greatly encouraged the energy of the front-line staff, stimulated their enthusiasm for work, and their will to fight against high temperature and heat, and strengthened their determination to stand on their posts, do their duty, work actively and complete their production tasks with excellence.

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