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The importance of large steel plate storage for the cement industry

The spectacular image of the large steel plate warehouse will add sensory benefits to the enterprise. The bulk storage capacity of the large steel plate warehouse is "a major innovation to ensure continuous cement production in the off-season" and "an effective measure to relieve the difficulties of cement producers". This is because its storage capacity is adapted to the bulk requirements of large and small scale production capacity.

In particular, the three northern regions, resulting in economic losses in the peak season undersupply, can not give full play to the investment benefits of enterprises, the use of large steel plate warehouse, enterprises can completely avoid the loss of off-season shutdown, through the peak season of the best-selling to obtain the due benefits.

Steel plate warehouse after 30 years of development and innovation, now the steel plate warehouse has become a nationally known steel plate warehouse industrial area.

Steel plate silo has wider application, and has very excellent performance in realizing mechanization and automation of grain storage, such as receiving and dispatching of grain, monitoring and processing of grain situation, ventilation, temperature measurement, etc. can be realized very conveniently.

Steel plate silo has professional engineering team, mainly dealing with spiral steel plate silo, large steel plate warehouse, steel structure and other projects.