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Issues to note in the production of steel silos

The company has a production set-up for steel plate silo processing, and the calculator helps to plan, and it is directly made into series in the workshop, with standardized fittings, which are accurately positioned and easy to place on site, thus improving the quality and reliability of the products. The company's products have been standardized, serialized and specialized. The quality of its products has reached the world's advanced level, and its economy and excellent reputation have been recognized by more and more users all over the world. At the same time, in order to repay the industry's support and love for Kangcheng storage, the company experiments with medium and large customers to add production business on behalf of materials, so as to benefit the users to a greater extent. Kang Cheng steel plate silo is mainly engaged in the production of grain steel plate silo, soybean steel plate silo, corn steel plate silo, rice steel plate silo, wheat steel plate silo, flour steel plate silo, the company has served more than 4000 companies in the past 10 years since its creation, the company seeks quality, customer satisfaction is our main objective. Henan grain steel plate meal silo, corn grain steel plate silo, grain steel plate meal silo, choose Henan Kangcheng grain steel plate silo. Shenqiu grain steel plate manufacturers mainly deal with grain steel plate silo, wheat steel plate warehouse, corn steel plate silo, soybean steel plate silo, etc.