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Intuitive advantages of steel grain silos

Grain steel silos, as we know from the name, are storage facilities for storing grain. The steel plate silo is a storage equipment made of steel plate, but here the steel plate is a general term, he mainly uses corrugated galvanized sheet, as well as H steel, Z steel and other steel sections to build.

So what are the obvious and intuitive advantages of steel silos? This is in terms of the degree of automation. A long time ago, we stored food in a simple room, a common warehouse, to simply store food, when technology is not developed enough, are using human to operate, time-consuming and laborious. This had many drawbacks, such as rodents, insects, mould and many other reasons that could cause damage to the grain. Then later developed to the standard grain depot, specializing in the storage of grain, with ventilation ah, construction standards ah and other provisions, need to be equipped with forklifts, manpower, each time the storage of grain to arrange a good floor cage ventilation, a variety of expenses are also a lot!

And now it is replaced by steel plate silo, but can realize fully automatic integration! Pulled from the grain with a car, you can unload the grain directly in the feed pit inside, and then use the elevator to mention the silo, and with the time, directly open the valve at the bottom of the silo, put a conveyor belt below, whether it is loaded, or into the workshop production, do not need manual to operate.

This is the intuitive advantage of the steel silo! Save time, save effort and don't need to worry about external factors damaging the grain!