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LiYang ChuFeng Steel Silo be invited to VIV ASIA Thailand

LiYang ChuFeng Steel Silo be invited to VIV ASIA Thailand

The2019ThailandVIVASIAwasgrandlyheldinthethai-bangkok(BITEC)BangkokInternationalTrade&ExhibitionCentreonMarch13-15,andLiYangChuFengsteelSilowasinvitedtoparticipateintheexhibition.  Theexhibitioncovers

  The 2019 Thailand VIV ASIA was grandly held in the thai-bangkok ( BITEC) Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre on March 13-15, and LiYang ChuFeng steel Silo was invited to participate in the exhibition.

  The exhibition covers product service and technology, poultry breeding, slaughtering and processing.Egg products and processing;Pig breeding, slaughtering and processing;Cattle breeding; Aquaculture;Feed; Feed production and management; Animal health; Transportation and packaging.

  The VIV Asia started in 1991 and is held every two years. After 9 exhibitions and 17 years of operation, VIV Asia has developed into an international livestock exhibition with Asian visibility, influence and appeal. VIV Asia have more than 1,000 international exhibitors, who are global market leaders or emerging market leaders in Asia. Professionals in the production of pork, poultry, eggs, aquatic products and dairy products will have numerous reasons to meet in Bangkok to exchange views on the development of the industry.There will be a series of activities related to aquaculture technology, biogas technology, crop technology, feed technology, dairy and meat technology and pet health and nutrition.

  The last exhibition had nearly 1,000 exhibitors, among which more than 600 were international exhibitors.There were more than 60,000 visitors, including more than 20,000 international visitors from outside Thailand.

  Thailand is located in the central part of indo-china peninsula in southeast Asia. It borders myanmar and the andaman sea in the west, Laos in the northeast and Cambodia in the southeast. The long and narrow peninsula in the south is connected with Malaysia.Thailand is a member of the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) and one of its founding members. With a free economic policy, China is Thailand's second largest export market and largest source of imports.

  In the exhibition, we had a pleasant talk with suppliers from all over the world, introduced the products of ChuFeng Steel Silo in detail, publicized the corporate culture, and once again enhanced the international influence of ChuFeng.Let more customers know our products, understand the Chinese manufacturing. So that the company in the expansion of the international market on the target closer.