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Chufeng Screw Silo

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Screw silo

Air tightness is good and the inner wall is smooth, commend for storage meal. 

Screw Silo Technology

The coil is placed on a loosing machine to be unwound, the coiling material is

bent by a forming machine, and the preliminary processing is performed. At the

same time, the material is bent to a required curvature, and then the curled

material is bent by the crimping machine. The mouth, rolling and forming, is

lifted into a cylinder by a screw upwards through a supporting bracket.

Over the years, Chufeng Steel silo has spread over more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country,

and with its good air tightness, strong corrosion resistance, minimal space, beautiful appearance and moisture, The characteristics

of fire prevention, heat insulation, ventilation, and easy realization of automatic control are increasingly favored by industries such

as food, flour, feed, oil, brewing, starch, wineries, citric acid, alcohol, malt, chemicals, ports, and cement.

 Screw Silo Material

Hot-dip galvanized coils are preferred, and stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, nickel steel plates, composite plates,

coated metal plates, ordinary black iron plates, and the like may also be used.

Main application

Cement plants, docks, warehouses and concrete mixing plants are used for the storage of raw materials and finished

products such as cement, slag, clinker, fly ash and gypsum.

Successfully constructed warehouse projects such as China Resources Beer, Chongqing Beer, InBev Budweiser, Suntory

Beer, Carlsberg Beer and Blue Ribbon Beer.